What are the benefits of Scissor Rental?

What are the benefits of Scissor Rental?

What are the benefits of Scissor Rental?

Range of Hairdresser scissors

Have you considered renting your scissors?

It’s no secret that high quality salon and barbershop scissors are expensive! When you factor in things like maintenance, replacements and keeping them sharpened, the price for quality may make them seem unattainable! But there is an alternative, and you’ll get the calibre of scissors that you deserve.

What are the benefits of renting?

The most obvious benefit is avoiding the huge price tag! High quality hairdressers and barber scissors can be expensive, especially if you need a variety. Plus, there are different styles to consider within each type of scissor, so that expensive purchase may end up being unsuitable or unsatisfying. It’s completely understandable that you may want to wait, and try out a few different pairs before committing to a large purchase.

The other cost to consider is keeping those scissors maintained and sharpened. With rented scissors, all the maintenance is covered! Your scissors will be cared for either via our mobile workshop, or you post them to us in our prepaid envelope and you’ll have them back within two days (excluding Sundays).

Additionally, you have the reassurance that any accidental damage will mean that you’ll either have a repair or replacement as soon as possible! Again, either our mobile workshop will take care of the problem, or you’ll receive your scissors in the post.

Even better, you’ll get a brand new pair every twelve months! So no matter the condition of your scissors, you’ll have a new pair. And every time your scissors are replaced, you are free to pick any new pair.

What kind of scissors can I rent

Mr Knife Guy has a huge selection to pick from! So whether you need thinners, a chunky pair for a larger hand or a small pair for trimming, we have you covered!

How do I start?

It’s simple! Simply contact us to make an appointment. We’ll arrange a suitable time to come out and you’ll get to see our extensive range and try out a few pairs to see what works best for you. There’s a single up front payment, and no credit checks so you’re guaranteed to be accepted, and that is it! It’s really easy.

There’s no fixed term and you can end the rental at any time with no penalty.

How much does it cost to rent?

You can rent as many pairs as you like, with any combination of styles and types.
Prices start at £25 upfront for one pair, and then just £14.99 a month.
2 pairs – £50 upfront and then just £26.99 a month.
3 pairs – £65 upfront and then just £33.99 a month.
4 pairs – £75 upfront and then just £42.99 a month.

And there are never any additional fees on top, whether that’s for postage, or for repairs. Just one, simple, monthly payment and all of your scissor needs are taken care of.

We even have whole salon deals available! Whatever package you and your team needs, we can provide.

Try out Mr Knife Guy’s scissor rental today! Contact us and make your appointment now!

How To Look After Your Scissors Between Sharpening

How To Look After Your Scissors Between Sharpening

How Can You Look After Your Scissors Between Sharpening Appointments?

A good pair of well maintained scissors are an essential bit of kit for every barber and stylist. But
what can you do to keep your scissors performing at their best between sharpening appointments?

Set of different hairdresser scissors in the barbershop

Store them safely

The easiest – and most important – way to look after your blades is to make sure they’re stored
carefully and safely between uses. We recommend keeping them in a scissor pot or a case (and if
you’re a rental customer, we’re more than happy to provide you with both, free of charge!) Keeping
them stored safely means they’re a lot less likely to get dropped and damaged.

Keep them clean

Lots of the hair products that are used in barbers and hair salons contain ingredients that aren’t
water soluble. When they’ve been used before or during a cut, scissors can pick up a thin film of this
residue which sits along the surface of the blade. Although it’s not too noticeable to the naked eye,
it can cause problems in a couple of ways – firstly, it impacts how well the scissors cut, and it can
also cause the scissors to get blunt more quickly.

Your scissors will absolutely need regular cleaning, and we’ll provide you with a specially formulated
spray to do this, but keeping them for prolonged periods in solutions like Barbicide can and does
cause damage. We regularly see scissors that are suffering because they’ve been stored in liquid
disinfectant, and this is something we never recommend. All you need is a quick spray of our scissor
cleaner before wiping off any excess with a clean tissue, and your scissors will be clean and sanitised
without any damage. We recommend you do this whenever you have a chance; between each client
ideally, but daily as a minimum. Again, our scissor cleaning spray is provided free for our rental
customers – just give us a shout when you need more.

Oil your scissors

We also recommend using our scissor oil at the end of each day. Scissors that are clean and oiled cut
better, and also last longer between sharpenings. Open your scissors up, and pop a drop of oil onto
the joint to ensure they move freely and easily. Any grime, dirt of hair caught between the hinge will
ease free. It’s important to use specially formulated scissor oil (again, we’re happy to supply our
rental customers with bottles of this for free!) as even clipper blade oil can cause problems for
hairdressing scissors.

Only use your scissors on hair

It’s also super important that you don’t use your scissors for cutting anything other than hair. Even
snipping off a piece of Sellotape with them can cause problems, as you’ll get a sticky residue along
your blade and your scissors won’t cut because of this. Hairdressing scissors are a lot more
temperamental than you might expect, and using them to cut wrapping paper or clothing tags can
cause real issues. If it’s not hair, don’t cut it!

Call us out as soon as you need us

Lastly, don’t try to plough through with scissors that don’t feel right. If there’s a problem, your
scissors aren’t going to rectify it themselves – leaving it will only make it worse. Give us a call as soon
as you feel like your scissors might need some attention and we’ll get them back to their best
straight away.

How Often Should You Sharpen Your Scissors?

How Often Should You Sharpen Your Scissors?

How often should you sharpen your scissors

In the artful and precise world of hairdressing and barbering, the sharpness of your scissors is not just a requirement – it’s the foundation of your craft. These essential tools, when well-maintained, can transform a routine haircut into a masterpiece of style.

Among the most critical aspects of scissor care is understanding the ideal frequency of sharpening. At Mr Knife Guy, we’re here to answer your questions about scissor sharpening and ensure your equipment is in excellent working order for your clients.

Telltale Signs of Dull Scissors

Being able to identify when your scissors need sharpening is crucial for any professional in the hair industry. Dull scissors can compromise the quality of your work and strain your hands. The first sign to look out for is a noticeable lack of sharpness during cutting.

Instead of a clean, smooth cut, you might find the scissors snagging or folding the hair, causing unevenness and frustration. Additionally, if you find yourself applying more force than usual to make a cut, or if the scissors make a different sound when used, these are clear indicators that it’s time to sharpen them.

Sharpening Frequency

Determining the ideal sharpening frequency for your scissors is an essential aspect of professional hairdressing and barbering. Ideally, scissors should be sharpened at least every 6 months, though this can vary based on usage and scissor quality.

High-grade scissors might hold their edge longer, while intensive use, such as in high-volume salons, may require more frequent sharpening. Adopting a routine that includes regular maintenance is key to preserving your scissors’ lifespan and ensuring continuous sharp performance.

Preserving Scissor Sharpness

Maintaining your scissors’ sharpness is vital for maximum performance. Simple practices such as cleaning your scissors after use, drying them thoroughly to prevent rust, and storing them properly in a scissor case, can significantly prolong their sharpness.

Also, using them exclusively for hair cutting and avoiding tasks like paper cutting can prevent premature dulling.

Consider Professional Sharpening Services

You may decide to use professional sharpening services, particularly mobile ones, which can greatly impact the longevity and performance of your scissors. At Mr Knife Guy, we offer mobile scissor sharpening services, bringing our expertise directly to your doorstep.

Our service is especially beneficial for professionals with hectic schedules who can’t afford to part with their tools for long periods. In addition to scissor rental, we also offer mobile knife sharpening services for top brands like Wusthof and Global.

Using our mobile service, your scissors receive on-the-spot care, including proper tension adjustment and thorough cleaning, so get in touch today and see how we can help.

Spot the Signs Your Hairdressing Scissors Need Sharpening

Spot the Signs Your Hairdressing Scissors Need Sharpening

Mr Knife Guy - Background Image

Spot the signs that your hairdressing scissors need sharpening

In the precision-driven world of hairdressing, the sharpness of your scissors is not just a tool of the trade, it’s a defining factor in the quality of your work. Recognising when your scissors need a professional touch-up is crucial for delivering impeccable cuts and preserving the health of your client’s hair.

At Mr Knife Guy, we understand the art of keeping your scissors in prime condition. For that reason, we’ve compiled some telltale signs which indicate it’s time for sharpening, making sure your scissors are always in top form.

Difficulty In Cutting Cleanly

When your scissors no longer glide through the hair with ease, leaving you struggling for a clean cut, it’s a clear sign they need sharpening. Dull scissors can tug at the hair, making precision styling challenging and potentially damaging the hair.

Ensuring your scissors are sharp is key to maintaining the quality of your cuts and providing the best experience for your clients.

Visible Signs of Wear and Tear on the Scissors

The physical condition of your hairdressing scissors is a clear indicator of when they need attention. Check for visible signs like nicks or blunted edges on the blades. These imperfections not only compromise the quality of your cuts but can also cause damage to the hair.

Regularly inspecting your scissors for such wear and tear is essential. Getting your scissors sharpened allows you to continue performing at your best, providing smooth cuts every time.

Increased Hand Fatigue and Discomfort

Dull hairdressing scissors can lead to an unexpected issue: increased hand fatigue and discomfort. When scissors lose their sharpness, more force is required to cut hair, putting additional strain on your hands and wrists.

This not only makes the hairdressing process more tiring but can also lead to long-term discomfort or even injury. Keeping your scissors sharp is, therefore, crucial not just for the quality of your cuts, but for your own wellbeing and comfort while working.

Change in Scissor Sound and Feel

A subtle but significant sign that your scissors need sharpening is a change in their sound and feel. If you notice a grinding noise or a lack of the smooth movement you’re accustomed to, it’s likely a sign of dullness.

Similarly, if the scissors feel different in your hand, perhaps requiring more effort to open and close, this can also indicate a need for sharpening.

Professional Sharpening vs. DIY

At Mr Knife Guy, we always recommend you choose professional sharpening for your hairdressing scissors over DIY methods. Why? DIY sharpening may be cost-effective, but often leads to improper angles and uneven edges.

Professional sharpeners like us have the right tools and expertise to maintain the precision and balance of your scissors, ensuring they deliver the best performance for longer.

Why Should You Sharpen Your Hairdressing Scissors?

Why Should You Sharpen Your Hairdressing Scissors?

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Why should you sharpen your hairdressing scissors?

Sharp scissors are essential in hairdressing, not just for precision in styling but also for the health of the hair and the comfort of the hairdresser. Dull scissors can compromise the quality of haircuts and strain the stylist’s hands.

At Mr Knife Guy, we specialise in the art of sharpening. We have pulled together a guide that explores why sharpening your hairdressing scissors is crucial, touching on key benefits and professional tips to maintain your tools, ensuring your cuts are always crisp and effortless.

The Art and Science of Scissor Sharpening

Sharpening hairdressing scissors is an important skill. It’s not just about making the scissors sharp; it’s about doing it right. The correct way to sharpen scissors keeps them working well and makes sure they cut hair cleanly.

Good sharpening also means scissors last longer and are easier for hairdressers to use. It’s a bit like taking care of a favourite tool – doing it well means better work and happier hairdressers.

Signs Your Scissors Need Sharpening

Knowing when to sharpen your hairdressing scissors is key to maintaining their performance. Look out for signs like hair bending instead of cutting cleanly, or if you need to apply more force than usual. Another indicator is if the scissors cause split ends or pull on the hair.

These signs suggest that the blades have become dull and are no longer providing the precise, effortless cut needed for professional hairdressing. Regular checks and recognising of these signs can greatly extend the life and efficiency of your scissors.

Daily Care and Maintenance

Taking care of your hairdressing scissors daily is key to maintaining their longevity. Begin by cleaning them after each use to remove hair and product residue. This prevents build-up that can dull the blades.

Regular oiling is also crucial; it keeps the scissors working smoothly and protects against rust. Store your scissors properly, ideally in a protective case, to prevent accidental drops or damage. These simple daily habits can make an enormous difference in maintaining your scissors’ sharpness and ensuring they’re always ready for the next cut.

Choosing the Right Professional Sharpening Service

Selecting a professional service for sharpening your hairdressing scissors is crucial. Look for a service with a strong reputation and specific experience in hairdressing scissors. At Mr Knife Guy, we fully understand the different types of scissors and the appropriate techniques for each.

We don’t recommend you sharpen hairdressing scissors yourself, as this often leads to damage and reduced scissor lifespan. At Mr Knife Guy, we will not only sharpen your blades but adjust the tension and align the scissors correctly, making sure they perform at their best.