Mr Knife Guy – Frequently Asked Questions


What do you sharpen?
We specialise in sharpening hairdressing scissors and knives, and that’s all we sharpen. We sharpen all brands, styles and sizes of hairdressing scissors including thinners and left-handed models. The same goes for knives – we sharpen all types and makes of kitchen knives, except for knives with a serrated edge such as steak knives or bread knives. We don’t sharpen weapons, garden tools or other bladed items.
How much do you charge?
Our minimum charge for knife sharpening is £45, and that gets you up to ten knives sharpened. Additional knives are charged at £4.50 per blade. We sharpen hairdressing scissors for £27.50 per pair.
What area do you cover?
We cover a large chunk of northwest England with our mobile service, and occasionally travel further afield for larger sharpening jobs. If you’re unsure if we cover your area, get in touch and we can have a chat.

Knife Sharpening

How does mobile knife sharpening work?
We pop out to you at your home or place of work. Knives are taken out to our mobile workshop, sharpened (and repaired if necessary) and then returned to you straight away in top condition. You won’t be without your knives for long at all.
What knives do / don’t we sharpen?
We’re happy to sharpen all brands and styles of kitchen knives, except knives with a serrated edge such as steak knives or bread knives.
Can you fix chips, nicks and broken tips?
Yes. We’re unable to repair broken handles but can tackle any other bladed issue such as chips or broken tips.
How often should I get my knives sharpened?
It depends on a few factors – most importantly, how much you use your knives and how sharp you really want your knives to be. We sharpen for some commercial kitchens monthly, while we see others a few times a year. When you reach a point where you feel like your knives aren’t cutting like they used to, you should think about getting them sharpened.
Can I send my knives to you by post?
Unfortunately due to time constraints we’re unable to offer a postal sharpening service at the moment.
Can I meet you at your offices with my knives for you to sharpen?
Sorry, we’re unable to meet customers at our offices for sharpening services – we’re mobile only at the moment.
What kind of sharpener do you recommend for me to use at home?
Unless you’re a skilled sharpener, we don’t recommend buying any kit to sharpen your knives at home. If these really worked, we’d be out of a job! Using a whetstone when you don’t know what you’re doing can damage your blades. All we recommend you do is honing your knives with a ceramic rod or steel in between professional sharpenings.

Scissor Sharpening

What does your scissor sharpening service include?
Our scissor sharpening service is fully comprehensive, and is perfect for bringing your scissors back to their former glory. Scissors are stripped down and sharpened by hand, and any worn or damaged parts are replaced. We always make sure your scissors keep their convex edge.
Can you sharpen thinners? What about left-handed scissors?
Thinners and left-handed scissors aren’t a problem.
Can you repair damaged caused by another sharpener?
We can have a go, but it depends on how extensive the damage is. Occasionally we come across a pair that have been damaged beyond repair but most of the time we can get them sorted.
I’m really nervous about using a new sharpener after a bad experience elsewhere. What kind of training have you had?
We’ve had extensive training both here in the UK and abroad, as well as numerous years in the industry. We are one of the few UK sharpeners who’ll make sure your blades keep their convex edge, and we’re experts in Japanese scissors. We’ve hundreds of happy customers, many of whom have been kind enough to leave us a review on Facebook or Google.
I’ve got clients book in all day – can I borrow a pair of scissors while mine are being sharpened?
Absolutely! We always carry scissors with us, so you’ll have an exceptional pair of Hasaki Japanese hairdressing scissors to use when yours are being sharpened.
We’re really busy in the salon, is your equipment noisy? We don’t really want our clients to be disturbed during their treatments.
All sharpening is carried out in our mobile workshop, away from the salon or barbers. There’s no mess, no noise, and no disruption.

Scissor Rental

How does Scissor Rental work?
Scissor rental from Mr Knife Guy is the simple way to make sure you’ve always got a pair of top-quality scissors to work with. All servicing, sharpening and repairs are included in the small monthly fee, and your scissors are swapped for a brand-new pair every 12 months.
Have you got different scissors I can choose from?
We’ll come out to you and show you exactly what we have in stock. We carry a huge range of styles and sizes, and we’re confident we have something to suit everyone. We stock lefties and thinners along with dog grooming scissors too.
Can you help me decide which ones I should go for?
One of our team will be on hand to help and offer advice if needed, but you’re welcome to try out as many models as you like until you find your perfect fit.
What happens if I drop or damage my rental scissors? How quickly can I get them sorted?
One of the main benefits of Scissor Rental from Mr Knife Guy is that we’ll always get your scissors sorted as a matter of urgency. We’ve been doing this for years and we believe we’ve got it down to a fine art! Our priority is ensuring you’re able to work. If we can’t get out to you immediately for a repair, we’ll pop a pair of replacement scissors in the post – first class – and they’ll be with you the next day for use until we get out to you.