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The Lux all one of our top performing scissor models. They are classic Japanese scissors, and hold a little extra weight in the blade. VG10 retains an incredibly sharp edge, and the position of the thumb and finger holes mean day long comfort.

They’re a great all-rounder, and like most of our range, they’re fantastic at most different cutting styles. They’re loved by both stylists and barbers.

Model Number: H27 60D
Purchase Price: £375

Rental Price: £14.99pcm


5.5”, 6.0”
Superb all-rounders

Why Choose Mr Knife Guy?

Mr Knife Guy is the only scissor rental specialist in the UK. Customers have been renting from us for over six years, and we offer amazing value for money. Our huge range of styles and sizes means we have something to suit everyone.


Fantastic Customer Service


New Scissors Every 12 Months


Exceptionally High-Quality Scissors

“I have rented scissors from Mr knife guy for 3 years now always been excellent service and the scissors are amazing this time I rented my scissors/thinning scissors along with making sure my apprentice also had a good 1st pair of scissors. 100% recommend Mr Knife Guy.”

Amy Kopiki

“This is the second time I’ve used Mr Knife Guy and both times the service has been excellent. Today I called first thing and he came within a couple of hours. My scissors are like new. Really appreciate knowing there is an experienced sharpener who knows how to take proper care of my equipment.”

Vicki Bromley

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