Mobile Scissor Sharpening

At Mr Knife Guy, we’re renowned for our expertise in Japanese hairdressing scissors. We cater to professional barbers, stylists and dog groomers all over the northwest of England, ensuring your scissors are always in exceptional condition. Whether it’s for precise haircutting or detailed dog grooming work, our mobile scissor sharpening service delivers expert sharpening right to your door.

A Fully Comprehensive Scissor Sharpening Service

Using our multi award winning mobile scissor sharpening service is the quick and easy way to ensure your scissors are always performing at their best.

Your scissors are visually examined before being fully stripped down. They’re expertly sharpened – freehand by a master craftsman – before being whet-stoned on four different stones, down to 6,000 grit. Any worn or damaged parts like washers or bumpers are replaced, before your scissors are put back together and rebalanced. Your scissors are then tested on real human hair before being returned.

Benefits of Mobile Scissor Sharpening

Choosing Mr Knife Guy for mobile scissor sharpening brings all kinds of advantages, such as:

  • Optimal Performance: Sharp scissors are essential for precision cutting, whether in hairdressing or dog grooming.
  • Enhanced Safety: Properly sharpened scissors reduce the risk of accidents and ensure smoother, safe cuts.
  • Convenience: Our mobile service comes to your location, saving you time and hassle.
  • Prolonged Tool Lifespan: Regular professional sharpening extends the life of your scissors, making it a cost-effective choice.

With our service, sharp scissors are not just a necessity, but a guarantee, enhancing your professional efficiency and safety.

    Why Use Mr Knife Guy?

    • We’re one of the most highly skilled scissor sharpeners in Europe, and the only soft-hone sharpener in the UK. Our reputation is second to none.
    • We always ensure your blade keeps its convex edge.
    • Our mobile service means you’re never without your scissors for long – we’ll even lend you a pair to use while we’ve got hold of yours.
    • We’re committed to offering the best possible customer service, and this is reflected in the consistently positive reviews we receive.


    Scissor Rental Service

    Our unique scissor rental service offers a hassle-free way to have top-quality scissors at hand, with multiple benefits including:

    • Free Sharpening & Servicing Whenever You Need It: Ensuring your rented scissors are always in perfect condition.
    • No Long-Term Commitments:No credit checks, minimum contract terms, or cancellation fees.
    • Low Monthly Fees: With an initial payment of just £25 and monthly charges of £14.99 per pair.
    • High-Quality Designer Scissors: Access to a range of incredible designer scissors.
    • Comprehensive Coverage: Includes free repairs, accessories, and accidental damage cover.
    • Loss & Theft Cover: Your scissors will be immediately replaced if they’re lost or stolen.
    • Regular Updates: Automatically upgrade to a new pair of scissors every 12 months.

    Get in touch to speak to us about scissor rental, or to book a sharpening appointment.

    “I have rented scissors from Mr knife guy for 3 years now always been excellent service and the scissors are amazing this time I rented my scissors/thinning scissors along with making sure my apprentice also had a good 1st pair of scissors. 100% recommend Mr Knife Guy.”
    Amy Kopiki

    “This is the second time I’ve used Mr Knife Guy and both times the service has been excellent. Today I called first thing and he came within a couple of hours. My scissors are like new. Really appreciate knowing there is an experienced sharpener who knows how to take proper care of my equipment.”
    Vicki Bromley

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