How To Look After Your Scissors Between Sharpening

How To Look After Your Scissors Between Sharpening

How Can You Look After Your Scissors Between Sharpening Appointments?

A good pair of well maintained scissors are an essential bit of kit for every barber and stylist. But
what can you do to keep your scissors performing at their best between sharpening appointments?

Set of different hairdresser scissors in the barbershop

Store them safely

The easiest – and most important – way to look after your blades is to make sure they’re stored
carefully and safely between uses. We recommend keeping them in a scissor pot or a case (and if
you’re a rental customer, we’re more than happy to provide you with both, free of charge!) Keeping
them stored safely means they’re a lot less likely to get dropped and damaged.

Keep them clean

Lots of the hair products that are used in barbers and hair salons contain ingredients that aren’t
water soluble. When they’ve been used before or during a cut, scissors can pick up a thin film of this
residue which sits along the surface of the blade. Although it’s not too noticeable to the naked eye,
it can cause problems in a couple of ways – firstly, it impacts how well the scissors cut, and it can
also cause the scissors to get blunt more quickly.

Your scissors will absolutely need regular cleaning, and we’ll provide you with a specially formulated
spray to do this, but keeping them for prolonged periods in solutions like Barbicide can and does
cause damage. We regularly see scissors that are suffering because they’ve been stored in liquid
disinfectant, and this is something we never recommend. All you need is a quick spray of our scissor
cleaner before wiping off any excess with a clean tissue, and your scissors will be clean and sanitised
without any damage. We recommend you do this whenever you have a chance; between each client
ideally, but daily as a minimum. Again, our scissor cleaning spray is provided free for our rental
customers – just give us a shout when you need more.

Oil your scissors

We also recommend using our scissor oil at the end of each day. Scissors that are clean and oiled cut
better, and also last longer between sharpenings. Open your scissors up, and pop a drop of oil onto
the joint to ensure they move freely and easily. Any grime, dirt of hair caught between the hinge will
ease free. It’s important to use specially formulated scissor oil (again, we’re happy to supply our
rental customers with bottles of this for free!) as even clipper blade oil can cause problems for
hairdressing scissors.

Only use your scissors on hair

It’s also super important that you don’t use your scissors for cutting anything other than hair. Even
snipping off a piece of Sellotape with them can cause problems, as you’ll get a sticky residue along
your blade and your scissors won’t cut because of this. Hairdressing scissors are a lot more
temperamental than you might expect, and using them to cut wrapping paper or clothing tags can
cause real issues. If it’s not hair, don’t cut it!

Call us out as soon as you need us

Lastly, don’t try to plough through with scissors that don’t feel right. If there’s a problem, your
scissors aren’t going to rectify it themselves – leaving it will only make it worse. Give us a call as soon
as you feel like your scissors might need some attention and we’ll get them back to their best
straight away.