What are the benefits of Scissor Rental?
What are the benefits of Scissor Rental?
Range of Hairdresser scissors

Have you considered renting your scissors?

It’s no secret that high quality salon and barbershop scissors are expensive! When you factor in things like maintenance, replacements and keeping them sharpened, the price for quality may make them seem unattainable! But there is an alternative, and you’ll get the calibre of scissors that you deserve.

What are the benefits of renting?

The most obvious benefit is avoiding the huge price tag! High quality hairdressers and barber scissors can be expensive, especially if you need a variety. Plus, there are different styles to consider within each type of scissor, so that expensive purchase may end up being unsuitable or unsatisfying. It’s completely understandable that you may want to wait, and try out a few different pairs before committing to a large purchase.

The other cost to consider is keeping those scissors maintained and sharpened. With rented scissors, all the maintenance is covered! Your scissors will be cared for either via our mobile workshop, or you post them to us in our prepaid envelope and you’ll have them back within two days (excluding Sundays).

Additionally, you have the reassurance that any accidental damage will mean that you’ll either have a repair or replacement as soon as possible! Again, either our mobile workshop will take care of the problem, or you’ll receive your scissors in the post.

Even better, you’ll get a brand new pair every twelve months! So no matter the condition of your scissors, you’ll have a new pair. And every time your scissors are replaced, you are free to pick any new pair.

What kind of scissors can I rent

Mr Knife Guy has a huge selection to pick from! So whether you need thinners, a chunky pair for a larger hand or a small pair for trimming, we have you covered!

How do I start?

It’s simple! Simply contact us to make an appointment. We’ll arrange a suitable time to come out and you’ll get to see our extensive range and try out a few pairs to see what works best for you. There’s a single up front payment, and no credit checks so you’re guaranteed to be accepted, and that is it! It’s really easy.

There’s no fixed term and you can end the rental at any time with no penalty.

How much does it cost to rent?

You can rent as many pairs as you like, with any combination of styles and types.
Prices start at £25 upfront for one pair, and then just £14.99 a month.
2 pairs – £50 upfront and then just £26.99 a month.
3 pairs – £65 upfront and then just £33.99 a month.
4 pairs – £75 upfront and then just £42.99 a month.

And there are never any additional fees on top, whether that’s for postage, or for repairs. Just one, simple, monthly payment and all of your scissor needs are taken care of.

We even have whole salon deals available! Whatever package you and your team needs, we can provide.

Try out Mr Knife Guy’s scissor rental today! Contact us and make your appointment now!

Why Choose Mr Knife Guy?

Mr Knife Guy is the only scissor rental specialist in the UK. Customers have been renting from us for over six years, and we offer amazing value for money. Our huge range of styles and sizes means we have something to suit everyone.


Fantastic Customer Service


New Scissors Every 12 Months


Exceptionally High-Quality Scissors

“I have rented scissors from Mr knife guy for 3 years now always been excellent service and the scissors are amazing this time I rented my scissors/thinning scissors along with making sure my apprentice also had a good 1st pair of scissors. 100% recommend Mr Knife Guy.”

Amy Kopiki

“This is the second time I’ve used Mr Knife Guy and both times the service has been excellent. Today I called first thing and he came within a couple of hours. My scissors are like new. Really appreciate knowing there is an experienced sharpener who knows how to take proper care of my equipment.”

Vicki Bromley

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Scissor rental from Mr Knife Guy is simple way to ensure you’ve always got a pair of designer Japanese scissors in your hand. Click below to get started.