Why You Should Sharpen Your Hairdressing Scissors?
Why You Should Sharpen Your Hairdressing Scissors?
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Sharp scissors are essential in hairdressing, not just for precision in styling but also for the health of the hair and the comfort of the hairdresser. Dull scissors can compromise the quality of haircuts and strain the stylist’s hands.

At Mr Knife Guy, we specialise in the art of sharpening. We have pulled together a guide that explores why sharpening your hairdressing scissors is crucial, touching on key benefits and professional tips to maintain your tools, ensuring your cuts are always crisp and effortless.

The Art and Science of Scissor Sharpening

Sharpening hairdressing scissors is an important skill. It’s not just about making the scissors sharp; it’s about doing it right. The correct way to sharpen scissors keeps them working well and makes sure they cut hair cleanly.

Good sharpening also means scissors last longer and are easier for hairdressers to use. It’s a bit like taking care of a favourite tool – doing it well means better work and happier hairdressers.

Signs Your Scissors Need Sharpening

Knowing when to sharpen your hairdressing scissors is key to maintaining their performance. Look out for signs like hair bending instead of cutting cleanly, or if you need to apply more force than usual. Another indicator is if the scissors cause split ends or pull on the hair.

These signs suggest that the blades have become dull and are no longer providing the precise, effortless cut needed for professional hairdressing. Regular checks and recognising of these signs can greatly extend the life and efficiency of your scissors.

Daily Care and Maintenance

Taking care of your hairdressing scissors daily is key to maintaining their longevity. Begin by cleaning them after each use to remove hair and product residue. This prevents build-up that can dull the blades.

Regular oiling is also crucial; it keeps the scissors working smoothly and protects against rust. Store your scissors properly, ideally in a protective case, to prevent accidental drops or damage. These simple daily habits can make an enormous difference in maintaining your scissors’ sharpness and ensuring they’re always ready for the next cut.

Choosing the Right Professional Sharpening Service

Selecting a professional service for sharpening your hairdressing scissors is crucial. Look for a service with a strong reputation and specific experience in hairdressing scissors. At Mr Knife Guy, we fully understand the different types of scissors and the appropriate techniques for each.

We don’t recommend you sharpen hairdressing scissors yourself, as this often leads to damage and reduced scissor lifespan. At Mr Knife Guy, we will not only sharpen your blades but adjust the tension and align the scissors correctly, making sure they perform at their best.

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